M.Sc. Details

About Grassroots Academy

Grassroots Academy was founded with the vision to impart right blend of education and guidance to students who aspire to etch for themselves a challenging and distinguishing career in the field of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. At Grassroots we create success stories by nurturing the student's inherent strengths, empowering them with outstanding competitive skills and channelizing ones core strength in right direction. To tap the caliber of students, we have devised teaching methods which are not only result oriented but also provides one with competitive edge in qualifying major examinations of national repute like JNU, TIFR, IIT-JAM, Delhi University, IISc Bangalore as well as M.Sc. Zoology and M.Sc. Botany.

We envision to propel Grassroots into India's leading institution where one gets an advantage to enter into the most demanding disciplines of science. The great learning environment at the institute provides a platform where the students can come together and compete for the best. The faculty and management possess a high degree of integrity, knowledge and are experts in their respective fields.

About M.Sc. Entrance Exams

There are a large number of masters programmes being offered by more than 100 universities and academic institutions across the country. It has now become necessary to pursue masters course before one can think of a job or research options in life sciences. Getting a good institute/university largely depends upon ones level of preparation which ultimately decides the future of students.

Some of the leading institutions for MSc Courses include IITs, JNU, DU, MKU, BHU, Hyderabad University, TIFR, IISERs etc. Apart from regular M.Sc. Programmes, some of the institutions also offer Integrated PhD Programmes that may be pursued by those who are willing to choose a career in research. For some of the courses such as M.Sc. Biotechnology, a common entrance test is conducted by JNU for more than 30 universities across India. Similarly for all IITs, NITs, IISERs a common entrance IIT-JAM is preferred, while many universities conduct their own exams for various courses such as Biochemical Technology in MKU, Forensic Science in DU, Biomedical Sciences at ACBR, Plant Molecular Biology in DU, Genetics at DU. Jamia Milia Islamia offers MSc in Clinical Research, Jamia Hamdard in MSc Toxicology and M.Sc. Human Physiology courses. For all such courses, preparation based on understanding of all basic subjects in life science is required.

About Grassroots online platform for MSc. Biotech / Bioscience

As stated earlier, getting a good university or institute is very important and deciding factor for a successful career in life sciences. Due to geographical and other constraints it is not possible for many students across the country to reach the metro cities which harbor some of the excellent faculties and coaching institutions. Keeping this in view, we have started this online programme to serve students across the country with our competence and expertise in MSc. Preparation. As we have mentioned that there are many specialisations in MSc and students have an ample choice, but the pattern of exam and preparation level remains closely associated with each other

After close analysis of major MSc entrance examinations such as IIT-JAM, TIFR, DU, NCBS, JNU- common entrance examination, we have made a consensus about the content and therefore introduced 12 different courses/subjects in this module. This will also include introductory courses in Mathematics, Physics and Basic chemistry. Each Course/Subject will be written and directed by experienced subject expert in that domain. With our faculty size of more than 25, we assign a single course/Subject to more than one faculty based on their specialization. Each of these 12 courses/Subjects will then be divided into smaller chapters (again as per the syllabus).

Each subject will contain the following content :

  • Short notes on each topic 3-5 pages with exam tricks or key points/formulae etc.
  • Short videos of Grassroots classroom lectures or animations from other online portals.
  • Small quizzes (5 - 8 questions) with their solutions to brush up the topic.
  • Exam trends or previous year questions (if any).

At the completion of each course we will provide you with a time bound ALL INDIA TEST SERIES which will be conducted parallel for several students and shall notify remain open for about a week. Additionally, we will generate All INDIA RANKING for all the students and notify by mail or other means.

Additionally, three more benefits will be provided to the students free of cost with this module:

  • A bundle of assorted notes for MSc Entrances will be provided in PDF format online.
  • A lifetime subscription of Online Blog of Grassroots Academy which contains posts on various topics. (Your email ID will be needed and you will be required to activate the link after 7 days of registration to this course).
  • Information about all the Exam Alerts.

Note : This module will be delivered in a time bound manner; the complete schedule is available on home page (schedule section). Each subject will be open after a stipulated time interval, after the registration. This will enable the readers to manage their time for preparation. However, the content of previous subject will remain on portal even after a new subject is posted.

The course will expire and will not remain available to user once the registration period will be expired (12 months from date of registration for “SLOW PACE PROGRAMME” ( which commences from 15th January 2016 → 14 January 2017 & 8 months from date of registration for “FAST PACE PROGRAMME” ( which commences from 15th June 2016 → 14 January 2017 ).

Each online test can be attempted by the user, maximum of two times; and after the attempts are exhausted the test questions are visible but test cannot be undertaken.